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Author: webmaster on Monday, February 5, 2024 - 23:21

The evening of February 5 2024 we will be migrating all CASC-OR email from its current mail server at a shared hosting company to Google Mail.

This is in order to have better email service at CASC-OR (some will remember outages during the 2023 season) while reducing costs in the long term.

The change will be largely transparent to you in the motorsports community - none of the email addresses or people that they reach will be changing and you should continue to contact people the same as you always have.

What may happen though is a brief period of an hour or so where your email application will report that cannot be found. We also might have a brief period in which some mail goes to the old mail server after we have switched to Google Mail. (This is just a byproduct of how addresses are resolved on the internet)

IF you should send an email which goes to the old server, overnight on Tuesday February 6 we will be copying old mail to the new mail accounts and the message will be delivered to its recipient then.

All of this is to say if you send an email between February 5 and 7 and you haven't received a response 1) be patient and 2) if you still haven't heard anything within a few days write again.

Thanks for your understanding!