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Author: CASC Office on Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - 19:43



The Miata's are coming!  The Miata's are coming!

The Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs - Ontario Region (CASC-OR) is thrilled to announce an exciting addition coming to a regional race near you! The introduction of the MIATA Canada CUP Series.

The MIATA CUP SERIES is a racing competition that features nearly identical Mazda Miata's, ensuring that the playing field is level for all participants. This means that drivers will have to rely on their skills and abilities (rather than the power of their cars) to win races, making for a more exciting and engaging competition. This also allows for an affordable and accessible entry level option for newcomers looking to get into racing which is a key attribute and goal for CASC-OR.

For racing enthusiasts, the introduction of the MIATA CUP SERIES Series into the CASC-OR regional road racing series is a dream come true, because as they say… Miata is always the answer! This series provides an opportunity for drivers to compete fairly, showcase their skills, while also giving spectators young and old a chance to witness some of the most exciting motorsport action in the province. So get ready to start your engines and join the thrill that awaits you in the CASC’s new MIATA CUP SERIES Series for 2024 and beyond.


Pat Gonsalves

CASC Partners with the Renowned Voice of Motorsports, Pat Gonsalves

Gonsalves started his announcing career at CTMP, "Mosport" in 1973 and was the public address announcer at Shannonville Motorsports Park then known at Nelson International Raceway in the 70's and 80's announcing many of the CASC regional races.

He has been the public address voice of the Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton Indy Car races as well as TV work on the major National Auto Racing Series in the late 80's and early 90's including the Rothermans Porsche Turbo Cup, Player's GM Motorsport Series, Honda Michelin Series and Export A F-2000 Series.

Gonsalves says  

"I am thrilled to be back announcing at these weekends where I learned my announcing craft and at the same time hoping a young man or woman who aspires to be a motorsports announcer steps forward to work with me on the race weekends"

 Formula Prototype

Formula Prototype Challenge is returning for 2024!

We are excited to confirm that the Formula Prototype Challenge, FPC, is returning for 2024 as a stand alone run group at select CASC-OR Regional Racing events. 

For more information about FPC check out their website:

Please feel free to contact the organizer, Steffen Rilli, directly if you have any questions about this group. or 647-620-2160


See you at the track!