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Author: CASC Office on Tuesday, May 28, 2024 - 16:42

We are less that a week away from the 2024 SMP Cup being run at Shannonville Motorsports Park June 1 and 2.  (FRIDAY TEST DAY).

For whatever reason, as I write this, we only have 2 entries on the Formula Libre grid - a Radical and a F4.  That just won't do!  For the first time that I can recall, we're having a sale.  The two day entry fee for the Formula Libre grid is 50% OFF.  The two drivers that have already entered and paid will receive refunds for 50% of the 2 day fee they have paid, and MSR has been updated so that anyone entering the Formula Libre grid for the 2 days will only be charged 50% of the normal early entry fee. 

What are you waiting for?  REGISTER now!

Have an open wheel car that you've been working on that's ready to go?  REGISTER now!

Don't go to Shannonville because of the tow and hotel?  This should cover both. REGISTER now!

Call your friends and get two or three of them to go too so you have someone to race!  Just REGISTER now!

When's the last time you got a deal to go racing?  Never right?  REGISTER now!

See you at the track (but only if you REGISTER now!)