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Author: CASC Office on Thursday, May 11, 2023 - 17:09

Good morning everyone.  28 of the 35 competitors registered for the 2023 Pirelli Tire Championship took part in the BEMC weekend at CTMP.  That is a great start!

You may have noticed that the scrutineers were checking all of our cars for compliance - Mike Nilson and his team were very good and handed out decals for those that were missing them.  Tires are a bit more complicated.  It is not enough to run Pirellis - you have to have bought them from Braidan Tire (the CASC-OR tire supplier).  If the scrutineers identify your car as non-compliant for tires on a weekend, then I have to check with Brad to see if he has given you a waiver.  You are entitled to a waiver if Pirelli doesn't make your size of tire, and/or Braidan can't supply you with an alternative tire brand.  (If Braidan can supply a tire for your car then you need to purchase them from Braidan so they'll be decalled properly).

Here's the non-compliant list from BEMC:

Super Touring:  Rick Franczak - no windshield banner,  Gregg Clifton - tires

Grand Touring: Ian Law tires, Michael Sylvestre tires, Bryan Rashliegh tires, Daniel Deokie tires and windshield banner, Terry Mueller tires.

We are treating BEMC as a WARNING for compliance.  If your car is compliant at the next event you run (or if Brad gives you a waiver for tires)  you will score points for BEMC.  If your car is not compliant at the next event you will not receive points for BEMC and you will not be eligible for any future points until you become compliant.  

The same rules will apply going forward.  Points you have already scored are safe, but if for some reason your car is found non-compliant at a future event you will be issued a warning.  If your car is compliant at the next event then you'll receive points for the event that had the warning.  If it remains non-compliant no points will be scored until it becomes compliant (or receives a tire waiver from Brad).

As a reminder, we closed the open entry to the Pirelli Tire Championship on May 5.  Anyone wishing to join now that the season has started has to apply to me ( directly and they will only be eligible for points on a "go forward" basis.


See you all at the SMP Cup  June 3 - 4..