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Author: CASC Office on Friday, February 9, 2024 - 19:29

Pre-season DRIVERS MEETING, April 21st at CTMP Conference Centre, starts at 10am.
  • CASC staff
  • Driver reps
  • Returning and new sponsors 
  • Competitor experience enhancements  
  • Social content 
  • Miata Cup 
  • Technical updates
  • Q & A, & more 
Racing season is getting closer & closer!
With that, there are a number of opportunities to get your car “ teched” ahead of the season , as follows:
  • March 9,10,11, - Motorama (Mike will be available to tech cars on display)
  • April 19, BMW drivers school Friday, including 6th Gear (CTMP)
  • April 20 VARAC at Ted Shop , Pontypool- as organized by Brian Thomas. Please contact Brian to arrange a time
  • April 26, Calabogie training day (CMP)
  • April 27, Spring Fling (SMP)
  • May 11, Eastern Ontario and Quebec tech day (Saniar)
Mike & Mary and have also created an MS Reg event for annual inspections that can be conducted at your home/shop. Link is:
Alternately you can contact Mike at
We encourage you to take advantage of this to avoid the “ the crunch” at early event. We specifically encourage you to use these opportunities to get teched ahead of the VVGP- they’re be lots of visitor cars to go thru tech so if we can get VARAC cars done ahead of VVGP it takes some pressure off 
Note- as mentioned earlier- check your belt installation against your manufacturer’s recommendations. We know there’s a few non compliant installations out there, so use the preseason to verify your installation 
Special thanks to Mike, Mary, Brian, Ted for your work here.
See you there!
Pat Cyr, Road Race Director