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Author: CASC Office on Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 17:18

Two of the items for discussion this Sunday at the RACE Workshop are the revisions to the time brackets at Shannonville and a review of the revisions to the scoring system we use to award championship points.

To save some time on Sunday:

1) SMP Time Brackets:  I encourage everyone to read the summary created by Richard Muise, the Regional Chief Steward, on the process and results of the SMP Time Brackets posted on the CASC-OR website.  Time Bracket racing is always a bit suspect - there are drivers that deliberately run to stay within a certain bracket so they may podium, and there are other drivers that get royally upset that some people do that.  What we want to achieve is a system that is transparent and fair.  We want to set the brackets up in such a way that a driver stays in the same class regardless of which track they run at.  For Canadian Tire Motorsport Park it is pretty straight forward.  We have lots of data from lots of different cars and drivers.  At Shannonville, and to some extent Calabogie, it is more challenging since we only run at these tracks once a year and most of our drivers don't race at all three (41 out of 200+ did in 2023). So, on Sunday we'll take another look at the brackets for Shannonville, and if the "will of the room" is changes are required, we will undertake to do so again in 2024.

2)  Point System:  familiarize yourself with the FINAL STANDINGS for 2023 and the appropriate section of the RACE REGS  (Appendix P - Section 7 POINTs).  I think the system worked very well in 2023 and I want to extend my thanks to Bill Bryan for his work on developing the system, as well as producing the standings.  Once again. if it is the "will of the room" on Sunday to make changes we will undertake to do so for 2024.

Thanks - see you all Sunday at the Workshop.  T