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Author: CASC Office on Monday, May 15, 2023 - 17:26

Come one, come all - Worker Registration is now open for the SMP Cup being held June 3 - 4 at Shannonville Motorsport Park.  CASC-OR is organizing the event so we don't have a "club" to fallback on for volunteers - we need every clubs' help to staff this event.

At the BEMC event last weekend, quite a few St. Lac members were training in the various positions needed to run a successful regional race - their plan is to build a team so that in the future they may be able to run the SMP Cup themselves - way to go St. Lac!  Unfortunately, the team won't be ready for this year so we're asking everyone else to lend a hand.

Workers/officials/volunteers travelling more than 50 km to the event will receive a $100 travel allowance.  In addition, we're providing box lunches on Saturday and Sunday.  Further, our good friends at Super Production Challenge are inviting all of our officials to a BBQ dinner Saturday evening, and CASC-OR is bringing in a live band to entertain everyone at the park (until dusk) Saturday evening.

You may have heard that we have created a new 'designation" for our competitors this year - the Motomaster Track Master.  Basically, it is a mini series consisting of the SMP Cup at Shannonville, the BARC Canadian Touring Trophy Races at CTMP, and the OSCC Calabogie Summer Classic.   Drivers that compete in all three events this year will receive Motomaster Track Master decals for the their cars and a patch for their driving suits.  The overall points winner will be declared the Motomaster Track Master Champion.  These same decals and patches will be awarded to any works/volunteers that work at all three events.  You know you want one! 

Please sign-up for the SMP Cup today...