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Author: Admin on Friday, May 3, 2019 - 22:16

Oshawa Motor Sport Club

In 1959 a group of car buffs formed a club for the pursuit of precision driving. The first meeting of this club had a mere handful of car enthusiasts present but their love of anything that furthered performance driving under controlled conditions has allowed the Oshawa Motor Sport Club to celebrate over 50 years.

The club has not changed much from its humble beginnings. OMSC is one of the oldest clubs in the GTA. While other clubs have changed their constitution over the years to reflect the members they attracted, OMSC has stayed true to the spirit of its founders.

OMSC has never subscribed to the "street racer" mentality. Perhaps that is why we have endured while others have come and gone. The Oshawa Motor Sport Club has always been a leader in the Canadian motor sports world. Drivers from our club have gone on to do very well in both the Canadian and American racing series. In fact, we have members involved in lapping, Regional Road Racing, Vintage Racing, SoloSprint/Time Attack, AutoSlalom, Rally, and Ice racing - something for everyone. It seems they just can't get enough motor sports. I invite you to come out to any event we host, or our next monthly meeting at the Whitby Yacht Club. Please feel free to contact the Executive if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest in what may be the best group of people in motorsports.