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Author: CASC Office on Saturday, November 12, 2022 - 01:52

2022 CASC-OR Annual Ice Race Division Report

This year’s run down:
● We ran nine days out of a possible ten,
● Cancelled one Sunday due to overnight rain making track conditions unsafe,
● The normal schedule is twelve races or six weekends, but due to Covid worries two Clubs were
not able to participate due to lack of volunteers,
● One weekend was a CO-OP put together by various clubs and volunteers.
● The average number of Drivers was seventy-three on Saturdays and forty-seven on Sundays. This
compares to eighty-two and seventy-three in 2020 . Reasons No Lexus cup, no temporary
licenses and Covid.
● Covid protocols were responsible for no temporary licenses being issued because of the
requirement for a passenger with experience in ice racing,
● No Lexus Cup series.
● Organisers felt that the number of special requirements required by the Lexus Cup series was
not fair to the other classes, so the class was dropped and those cars could run in SS1 or 10,
● Covid made it necessary to go exclusively to online registration and no contact check in
● Return on investment was varied for the clubs, but people came out, watched, and raced

Where can we improve:
● Doing stud checks on street stud classes,
● Sponsorship and media coverage
● Succession planning for volunteers and officials

Going Forward in 2023:
● Increased expenses in track building, there will be a 40% increase over 2022,
● Increase entry fees due to expenses, $195 from $170,
● Return of the temporary license program will add new drivers and increase fields, and
● Allowing passengers again (family fun)

6 race series Race Schedule 2023:
● Pre tech January 14&15
● BARC January 21 & 22
● PMSC January 28 & 29
● DAC February 4 & 5
● BEMC February 11 & 12
● TAC February 18 & 19
● TLMC February 25 & 26
● Rain Date March 4 & 5

Sponsored by C17 Auto Armour, Braidan Motorsport, All Glass & Mirror Services Ltd., Mosport Karting
Centre, and Steelcase Tires n Mags. In 2022.

Brad Elkins, CASC-OR Ice Race Director

CASC-OR Annual Ice Race Division Report 2022 CASC-OR Annual Ice Race Division Report 2022 CASC-OR Annual Ice Race Division Report 2022