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Author: CASC Office on Monday, March 6, 2023 - 22:06

As of today, the Kin are actively trying to make sure we can ice race this weekend.  The final decision will be announced Friday by noon, but Tom Prentice from the Kin assured me he'll be working all week to create a usable track for us.   Show you support and interest by REGISTERING NOW (instead of waiting until Friday night).
A number of very interesting things came out of last Saturday's Ice Racing Meeting (held at 4 pm at the Lions Club Hall in Minden).  Forty-four people were in attendance, and we'll post the minutes as soon as they are available.
Here is a summary of what was discussed. 
Studded tires - after a 30 minute discussion it was decided that CASC-OR will go will go with a MTO approved pre-studded SPEC TIRE for the 2024 season.  The tire has not been selected yet, the Ice Racing Committee is researching our options and will present their findings and decision as soon as they are able.
Temp Licenses - the process for issuing temp licenses and how frequently a competitor may use one were discussed at length.  The program for 2024 will be announced at the Fall Ice Racing meeting (in November). 
Track Time reductions based on the temperature at the track - for years we have been reducing the number of laps we run as the temperature warms up during the day at an ice race.  At the request of the Kinsmen, this will be written into the rules for 2024.
The role of CASC-OR in Ice Racing - I explained that CASC-OR is an organization made up of 29 motorsport clubs.  We group the clubs into operating divisions: Road Racing, Time Attack, Autoslalom, Karting and of course Ice Racing. There are six clubs that organize ice racing events.  CASC-OR publishes a rule set, but the rules are written by the Ice Racing Committee which is made up of representatives from the 6 ice racing clubs.  The CASC-OR Ice Race Director chairs the Committee and works as a liaison between the clubs. And CASC-OR. CASC-OR collects a licensing fee from drivers that is used primarily to keep our lights on, but also covers the cost of trophies and any shortfall from the year end banquet.  The Ice Race Director is a volunteer and like all of our volunteers should be treated with respect and courtesy at all times.  The Ice Race Director does not have dictatorial powers - rule changes and policy are set by the Ice Racing Committee as a group.  
Ice Race Director election - early last week Brad Elkins resigned as the Ice Race Director.  I believe Brad was doing a good job as Ice Race Director, but a small segment of the community were consistently criticizing his actions and he took it all quite personally.  I want to thank Brad for the work he did and for sticking with it as long as he did - I know he was quite unhappy by the time he resigned.  Volunteers should be treated better and I appreciate why Brad made the decision that he did.
Two candidates stood for the position of Ice Race Director: Zack Wenzel, a DAC member and long time ice racer, and John Trimble, a BEMC member and a Kismen.  After speeches from the floor those in attendance voted 21 for Zack and 22 for John (I didn't vote if you're keeping track of the numbers).  Congratulations to John Trimble the new Ice Race Director for CASC-OR.  I know everyone joins with me in wishing John success in this new role.
Thanks to everyone that attended the meeting and participated in the process - we appreciate your time and effort.
Don't forget that the end of season Ice Racing Banquet is being held April 8 at the Royal Ashbury Golf Club - more details will be posted as soon as they are available - SAVE THE DATE.
One more weekend of ice racing in 2023 - REGISTER today to show your support (and pray to whatever weather gods you believe in!).

Please click HERE to download the PDF.