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Author: CASC Office on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 - 01:15

Good day racers.  The 2024 CASC-OR Race Regs have been posted.  It is every competitor and race officials' responsibility to read, understand, and comply with the Race Regs.


Mike Nilson, our Chief Regional Scrutineer asked me to highlight a couple of very important safety issues this year:

Helmets - the Snell 2010 Helmets expired Dec 31, 2023.  They are no longer acceptable at CASC-OR road racing events.  Check your helmet and make sure it is has a 2015 or newer rating.  As a reminder, the 2015 helmets are good until Dec 31, 2025.

Safety Harness - Mike is letting everyone know well in advance that the scrutineers will be taking a careful look at how your safety harness is installed this year.  The scrutineers have noted quite a few incorrect installations in the last couple of years so this year they have decided to make this a focus.  Your safety harness will only work properly if it is properly installed.

Mike has created a guide to help you out:  CASC cheat sheet (002).pdf

Annual Techs

The scrutineers have created a number of opportunities ot have your car teched before the first weekend:

Tech at Your location - on motorsportreg there is an event that allows you to register for a pre-season tech at your location (some conditions apply)

There will also be scrutineers available at CTMP in the upper parking lot of the Conference Centre on April 21 during the Pre-Season Drivers' Meeting - this coincides with a BMW weekend at CTMP (same as last year).

The Calabogie Training Day April 26

There is Spring Fling at SMP on April 27

The Eastern Ontario and Quebec Tech Day at Sanair

Lots of opportunities to avoid the crunch at the first race weekend (May 4 - 5)

Contact Mike directly at if you have any questions.