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Author: CASC Office on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 - 01:10

We have posted the first draft of the rules for the 2024 Miata Canada Cup.  Many thanks to the team that put them together.  We are using the SCCA Spec Miata class rules as a starting point.  We also took a good look at what NASA is doing.  We decided to make our rules "more accommodating" for the first year.  There is no spec tire, no spec suspension, we want people to be able to race with us so we have settled on 3 distinct classes:

MCC1 - Series NA and NB cars (Miata's manufactured 1990 to 2005) 

MCC2 - Series NC cars (2006 to 2015)

MCCU - any Miata/MX5 that does not qualify for either of the other two classes

The Miata Canada Cup is designed to provide a low cost entry into road racing.  Read the rules carefully - no engine modifications, no aero, DOT tires with 180 tread rating or higher (no slicks).  

There are LOTS of the MCC1 cars around and they will make up the majority of the run group.  The MCC1 cars should also qualify to run with VARAC on their Classic - Modern Classic grid, and of course on the Pirelli Grand Touring (GT3-4-5) grid.  Talk about lots of track time!

If you have technical questions contact our Chief Regional Scrutineer, Mike Nilson (

More information to follow - stay tuned.   

Sent out on behalf of Pat Cyr, Race Director:

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