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Author: CASC Office on Friday, April 12, 2024 - 20:09

This week, the Board approved a 5 year extension to the service life of FIA approved safety harnesses for CASC-OR competition use.  Please read the BULLETIN as posted on the website.

BACKGROUND:  Earlier this spring, we were told that 3 national motorsport bodies had approved the extension of FIA belts to 5 years past their stated expiration dates.  We asked our technical people, scrutineers and stewards, to look into this for us.  Based on their research and our own discussions, the Board decided to copy what was approved by Motorsport UK, which was the 5 year extension.

Please note, no extension has been granted for SFI approved belts.  They must be taken out of service at their stated expiration date.

Part of our annual tech includes the inspection of the condition of the safety harness, as well as the stated expiration dates.  If a harness appears worn or is in poor condition, it will not be approved regardless of the expiration.  Please make sure your harnesses are in good condition and properly installed. 

See you at the track... T