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Author: CASC Office on Wednesday, February 14, 2024 - 17:17

What are you waiting for?  The Minden WEATHER is co-operating and we should be ice racing this weekend.  

It is time to REGISTER for the TAC Ice Racing weekend.  You know you want to...

Entries have been generally lower this year and the organizing clubs have lost $4500 each weekend.  To help cover the losses we have added a donation field to the MSR REGISTRATION form.  If you are able, we ask that you add a little something extra to your entry fee to help reduce the clubs' loses going forward.

There are three weekends left in the 2024 Ice Racing Schedule - TAC this weekend, DAC February 24 - 25, and BARC March 2 -3.  The ice will be assessed at the end of Sunday's races to see if the next weekend will proceed.  On the Thursday before the weekend we will continue to post the "GO - No GO" message.

Come on out and have some fun this weekend.  See yo at the track!