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Author: CASC Office on Friday, February 23, 2024 - 01:05

The Kin have given a green light to this weekend's ice races.  Please REGISTER now.

As in the prior weekends, all of the first driver studded classes will be combined into a single run group.  Anne will send out the on-track schedule tomorrow to everyone that is REGISTERED.

My plan, is to hold the end of season meeting at 4 pm on SATURDAY.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the Dominion or the Lion's Club on the phone to book a space...   As soon as I have confirmation I will send out an e-mail.

For those attending electronically, here is the video link:  

It is NOT my intention to hold an election for the new Ice Racing Director.  I will be happy to let anyone interested in the position address the room, but my plan is to interview the perspective candidates and then the CASC-OR Board will appoint a Director.  

BARC has indicated, if the ice is up to it, they will hold their race weekend March 2 - 3.   The Kin will let us know at the end of racing this Sunday if it is possible, then they will confirm the Go - No Go on Thursday, Feb 29.

See you at the track - hopefully I will stay out of the snow banks this weekend...