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Author: CASC Office on Saturday, November 12, 2022 - 02:24

2022 CASC-OR Annual Time Attack Division Report

Executive Summary:

  • We continued to build upon the past three years of successful marketing (attendance up 10%),
  • Revamped classing from the 2021 season and made continuous tweaks which translated into a VERY competitive year,
  • Track costs continue to rise year after year; volunteers needed at multiple fronts, and
  • Our safety track record continues to be exemplary, but diligence is required.

What Went Well:

Four out of six events were fully sold out. The remaining two events were at 85% capacity and likely due to the timing of events – they were the last two events of the year but over a month apart from previous event,

Average attendance for the 2022 season: 56 out of 60 (up 10% from 2021),

Average entry fee was between $325 to $380 (up 8-12% from 2021 – to match track cost increases),

This was the first price increase in 3 years despite track costs going up annually since 2018,

Event logistics continues to improve, and 4 hot sessions (3 hot laps a piece) is possibly the norm for 60 competitors, thanks in part to automation of releases,

The season only had one incident at GP, but otherwise a very safe season,

We had a very tight rookie of the year race and new classing has made the top 5 overall season competitors very competitive. Reduced classing has also made each class more satisfying for competitors,

OTA continues to be competitive in pricing and general satisfaction from customer base, and 150 licenses were issued for the 2022 season (up 25%, from 120 in 2021).

What could be done better:

Wet weather staging for time attack continues to be problematic. It’s difficult to gauge who will do what lap times in the wet after running a dry qualifying session,

Event #1 at DDT was problematic with the track breaking up and logistics of car releases only allowing for four hot laps for the entire day, and

Lastly, more volunteers needed to help with the class cars and to run the website and IT infrastructure.

Targets for 2023:

With the impending recession, it will make a final season of current MyLaps Transponder Lease tricky. OTA has been financially successful over the last 4 year’s, but one bad season can go a long way, and Volunteers/workers required.

A new webmaster, CCDB rebuild and accounting help is needed to alleviate existing worker/volunteer loads. A revamped worker program is in the works.

Thank you to all our sponsors!

Title sponsor: Automoves

Presenting sponsor: Toyo Tires

Official Race Fluid: Mobil 1

Official Mod Shop: JRP

Official Race Shop: NV Auto

Official Pit Stop: Adrena Garage

  • Clarkson Fine Cars
  • Tri Hospital Sleep Laboratory
  • Team VDG
  • XIII Motorsports
  • Raptor Racing
  • B-Squared
  • Can-Alignment

Tentative schedule for 2023:

  • OTA School #1 at CTMP DDT – May 13th (Saturday)
  • Event #1 at TMP – Sometime in June
  • OTA School #2 at CTMP GP – July 1st (Saturday)
  • Event #2 at CTMP GP – July 2nd (Sunday)
  • Event #3 at SMP Pro – July 22nd (Saturday)
  • Event #4 at SMP Long – July 23rd (Sunday)
  • Event #5 at CTMP DDT 1 kink – August 26th (Saturday)
  • Event #6 at CTMP DDT 2 kink – August 27th (Sunday)

CASC-OR Annual Time Attack Division Report 2022 CASC-OR Annual Time Attack Division Report 2022 CASC-OR Annual Time Attack Division Report 2022 CASC-OR Annual Time Attack Division Report 2022