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Author: webmaster on Thursday, March 18, 2021 - 04:01

Event Date(s):
2021-07-17 - 2021-07-18

Note that any and all event documents may change prior to the start of the event, particularly in response to acceleraton or delays in Ontario COVID-19 reopening restrictions.

These documents are provided in DRAFT form for your information but competitors are advised to retrieve the latest versions before coming to the event.

Update 2021-07-14

Final versions of all event documents are now posted.


There are some adjustments to the order of the sessions to allow F1600 competitors to enter the Formula Libre race group (they were back to back) and to put the FLibre group between VARAC Classic and PirelliĀ GT Sprints for competitors entered in both.

Supp Regs

Change to registration hours - please note that registration will not open until 12 Noon Friday (the original version said 11 AM).

Competitors are encouraged to register through the afternoon Friday where possible so as to reduce the number of people passing through registration after 5 PM when the majority of people arrive.

COVID Guidelines

This continues to be a non-spectator event open to participants only (drivers, crew, race workers). Note that the restriction on the number of crew members is driver + six crew.