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Author: webmaster on Saturday, March 20, 2021 - 18:13

In late December of 2020, CASC-OR Race Director Ray Arlauskas asked Paul Subject to take on the role of Chief Race Coach/Instructor.  As part of his appointment, Paul worked with Ray to develop a new program to coach novice and drivers seeking licence reinstatement called the CASC-OR Licenced Coach/Instructor Program.  

The CASC-OR Licenced Coach/Instructor Program is designed to help novice and returning race car drivers to improve their on-track and at-track experience, while emphasizing both safety and enjoyment.  As part of this program, a group of 12 peer recommended highly skilled instructors was developed to be trained for the Coach/Instructor role.  

Over the course of February and March, the group trained with well-known Coach and Trainer, Ross Bentley, to provide training for the candidates to elevate their skills from instruction by “riding in the right seat” to become coaches that mentor and coach from outside of the race car. 

As a result of this training, the following individuals have been named as CASC-OR Licenced Coach/Instructors:

  • Chris Lawson
  • Demi Chalkias
  • Ed Caranci
  • Gord Ballantine
  • John Burnet
  • Kimm MacKenzie
  • Ken Pavri
  • Nathan Blok
  • Steve Kent
  • Steve McCamus
  • Ted Rance
  • Terry Dale

As part of their ongoing duties, each Coach/Instructor will be assigned newly licenced drivers according to their race platform expertise and their area of operation.

With the implementation the new CASC-OR Licenced Coach/Instructor licencing program, the previous system of CASC Instructor licences has been discontinued.  For further information regarding this program, please contact Paul Subject at