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Author: CASC Office on Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - 17:17

Hello OZC Sponsors & Friends!

Welcome to the summer issue of OZC’s Zedline – we’ve got some really great coverage for you available at

  • Z Fest Registration (click the “Register Now” button in the magazine for an online form you can print/fill out/photo/email)
  • The new Z
  • OZC Swap Meet
  • OZC Spring Tour
  • Nissan Sentra Cup
  • ZCCQ Member Profile Leonie Lloyd
  • OZC Member Profile Chris Vieira
  • Kawartha Tour

And more!

We hope that you enjoy our digital issues of Zedline.  We post past issues to our Zedline Archives after the current year for anyone to enjoy.

Happy Summer!

OZC Executive